Buffalo Fly Remedy


Buffalo Fly Remedy

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This blend of energy remedies is best used at the start of the season and works particularly well on horses. Maybe because people tend their horses every day and can do regular treatments.

If you have some cattle that are particular affected by the buffalo fly you could bring them closer for regular treatment and definitely a good idea for stud cattle that do get regular attention.

A great natural alternative to chemical treatments.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Buffalo Fly Nosode, Cantharis 200C, Ledum 200C, Apis 200C.


I have just ordered another bottle of this wonderful product. I started giving it to my horses about 8 years ago and have used it every year since then. When we first came to our current property the buffalo fly were a real torment to my horses. The horses were constantly agitated and irritated by the flies. Their eyes were sore and one of my horses had big open sores on his body from the buffalo flies biting him. I contacted Cathy at Heal with Ease and she very quickly had a bottle of this remedy posted to me. Within a week of giving the remedy to them, all (5) my horses were fly free. I usually start giving them the remedy early in the season before the flies are bad. My horses are free from buffalo flies when just across the fence the neighbours cattle are covered with them. It is so easy to give to the horse as well. After the first couple of weeks of giving it I could just hold out the syringe or bottle with the remedy and each horse in turn would open their mouth to have it squirted or sprayed in. On occasion one of my horses will get a few flies on him so I just give an extra dose or two and that seems to sort it out.

Thank you Heal with Ease for helping my horses.

Sandy Hammond
Toogoolawah, QLD

50ml Sprayer