Calc Sulph


Calc Sulph

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Calc Sulph is a Tissue (Cell) Salt that supports the bones, connective tissues, gallbladder, glands, heart muscles, liver, mucus membranes, skin and tissues.

When deficient in Calc Sulph, you may experience boils, burning, contact dermatitis, inflammation, itching and yellow pus.

In severe cases, there are abscesses, acne, blood-stained discharges, boils, eczema, tonsilitis, tumours, ulcers and yellow discharge

You may find that when exposed to dampness, drafts and evening symptoms become worse, along with menses, sleeping and stimulants.

You may find that bathing, doubling over, open-air and uncovering could make the symptoms better.

The emotional effects when deficient in this tissue salt are fatigue, inactivity, irrational fears and laziness.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Calcarea Sulphurica.

Pilule Ingredients: Corn Starch, Scrose, Plus Calcarea Sulphurica. May Contain Lactose.

50ml Dropper