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Nat Mur

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Nat Mur is a Tissue (Cell) Salt that supports the bladder, blood, brain, connective tissue, digestion, glands, heart, kidney, liver, mucus membranes, muscles, skin, spleen and upper stomach.

When deficient in Nat Mur, you may experience cracking joints, dandruff, its difficult to cry in public, dryness, eyes needing protection from sunlight, high blood pressure, holding in old pains, loss of smell or taste and sinus.

In severe cases, there is clear runny nasal or sinus discharge, depression, facial or genital herpes, grief, infertility, M.S., sun problems and vaginal dryness.

You may find that when exposed to the sun heat and especially between 9-11 am symptoms become worse, along with when consuming bread, hearing music, talking or other noise, during physical exertion, reading and writing.

You may find that deep breathing, irregular meal times, open-air, rest and sweating could make the symptoms better.

The emotional effects when deficient in this tissue salt are control issues, deep grief, forgiveness issues, isolation and sun sensitivity.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Natrum Muriaticum.

Pilule Ingredients: Corn Starch, Sucrose, Plus Natrum Muriaticum. May Contain Lactose.

50ml Dropper