Pregnancy Tissue Salts Program


Pregnancy Tissue Salts Program

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With the Pregnancy Tissue Salt Range, we’ve set it up so mum can start from whichever week she is in. The different blends of tissue salts support mum and baby as baby grows.


There are 6 different tissue salts in different blends over the 8 bottles spanning 42 weeks of pregnancy:


Calc Fluor - assists with maintaining the elasticity of tissues. Helps with varicose veins, haemorrhoids, constipation and sluggish circulation. Stretch marks. Is vital for bone development and for building the elastic fibres of the skin, muscular tissue and blood vessels.


Ferrum Phos - iron is the oxygen carrier of the system and helps with inflammation and oxygenation of mum and baby’s bodies. It gives strength to the walls of the blood vessels. Vital for the production of red blood cells.


Mag Phos - supports the development of the nervous system. For mum, it is a nerve relaxant and useful in the treatment of cramps and spasms. Helps with pain generally, sciatica pain and headaches. Also good for relieving heartburn.


Nat Mur - helps balance the salt and fluids in the body. It is helpful for dehydration and water retention so great for swollen ankles. Helpful for headaches and constipation.


Silica - supports proper uptake of nutrients and is a vital constituent of hair, nails, teeth and skin.


Zinc Mur - is present in all organs and is a component of enzymes. It supports insulin production and is helpful for nervous exhaustion, restless legs and crampy pain.

Ingredients: Ethanol base, Calc Fluor 30C, Ferrum Phos 30C, Mag Phos 30C, Nat Mur 30C, Silica 30C, Zinc Mur 30C.