Itch & Respiratory Distress Remedy


Itch & Respiratory Distress Remedy

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Use on breathing problems arising from illness. All skin conditions, mange, eczema, red & itchy rashes that are worse from heat. Also may be used to great effect in recovery from serious illness.

- Difficult respiration
- Cough
- Rattling of mucous in chest
- Chest feels heavy
- Heat and burning of skin, with itching
- Supports recovery after illness
- Burning and ulceration of eyelids, ulceration of cornea
- Whizzing in ears, reaction to suppression of ear infection
- Deafness after ear infection
- Abdomen sensitive to pressure, sore liver, colic after drinking
- May help with bed wetting
- Urinary frequency
- Cracked nipples
- Rheumatic pains
- Sleep talking, vivid dreams

This remedy can be used to help the body recover from the residual effects of previous conventional drug therapy. It can be used in the treatment of hepatic congestion leading to constipation, and also in the treatment of mastitis. In mastitis, milk flow is reduced or suppressed totally, the gland becomes inflamed and hot, and teats can become hot and painful. The inflammation of the udder is characterised by heat, redness and nodules in the deeper tissues. Skin conditions which are worse for heat may respond. Chronic nasal catarrhal conditions, which show scabby, ulcerated nostrils with bleeding sores, are also an opportunity to consider this remedy.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Arsenicum Album 30C, Hepar Sulph 130C, Sulphur 60C, Petroleum 100C, Aconite 70C, Adrenalinum 80C.

50ml Dropper
50ml Sprayer