Pain relief/management remedy


Pain relief/management remedy

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Followers of Heal with Ease know that in 2015 I poisoned myself using a very toxic skin care product. I developed this remedy to help me cope with the pain during that time and it was a life saver.

Finally I'm adding it to the website so you can have it at home to help yourself and your family with pain - muscle pain, tooth pain, any pain. It's hard to rest to heal when pain won't ease up.

This remedy has Hypericum for nerve pain, Belladonna for swelling and Bryonia for tissue congestion. It works a treat.

Chemical free, quick and easy to use, fast acting and suitable for the whole family - people and animals.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Hypericum 30C, Silica 30C, Arnica 30C.

- Dropper 50ml
- Sprayer 50ml