Storm Anxiety


Storm Anxiety

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This remedy can help with the fear of storms. It can be used for both people and animals.

Start using it when you know or your animal shows you it knows a storm is coming, if one is predicted or even in the middle of the storm. If you're having difficulty administering the remedy you can also add it to their water bowls.

This blend of energy remedies can be helpful in any situation of anxiety - new people coming to visit, fear of crowds, fireworks, etc. If travel problems are fear-based this remedy can help in that situation also. If it is a vomiting, movement, or confinement issue then you will need the travel sickness remedy.

Available in 25ml and 50ml bottles (sprayer or dropper) or part of the make-your-own kit offer in a 10ml drip bottle.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Argentum Nitricum 200C, Aconite 200C, Gelsemium 200C, Phosphorus 200C.

- Dropper 50ml
- Sprayer 50ml