Accident Remedy


Accident Remedy

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Use this amazing remedy to assist with all accidents and injuries where shock or muscle and tendon damage have occurred. You can also use this remedy to advantage in situations of bruising, post-surgery recovery and relieving the pain and symptoms of arthritis.

Recommended situations for use:
- Accidents and injuries
- Releases physical shock and trauma from the body
- Supports the healing of muscle and tendon damage
- Helpful in treating tinnitus
- Limb and body aches, joint pain
- Brings out bruising
- Helps with cellulitis and infections
- Helps with restless legs
- Helps with ear pain
- Lameness after sprains

Testimonial from Ann Brown

Heal with Ease? Yes I did, thanks to Catherine and Eric Tighe.
Had a bad accident with sheep, knee cap cracked, all quads, tendons, ligaments torn off the knee cap. Long and big op to put all back. Drs and surgeons work done, in came Catherine. 10 days after op. the scar was hardly visible, although I had to wear a brace I recovered quickly and was able to lose the brace 9 weeks later, not the predicted 14 to 15 weeks. Slight limp but we're working on that!. Thank you HEAL with EASE.

During this time we also did Healing Plans on Ann to help her with the injury and her overall health.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base,
Rhus Tox 50C, Ruta 80C, Arnica 100C

10ml Dropper
25ml Dropper