Goodnight Sleep Tonic


Goodnight Sleep Tonic

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This beautiful energy remedy can help calm your mind and body (even that noisy chattering) so you can achieve a peaceful night's sleep.
- Helps to relax for sleep – calms the mind and body, slows internal chatter and calms the adrenal system
- Insomnia
- Relaxes during stressful situations
- Useful for teething babies and children
- Throbbing headache in one half of the brain
- Ringing in ears, earache, blocked ears
- Sensitive to smells
- Swollen neck glands
- Sore throat, maybe with constriction, difficulty swallowing
- Toothache
- Nausea, bloating, flatulent colic
- Lumbago pain
- Stiff neck
- Rheumatic pains
- Vertigo, sore scalp
- Disruption to vision

It can also help with stabilising both your melatonin and serotonin levels. 
This can help with:
- The body's sleep-wake cycle
- Staying asleep
- Waking up feeling energised and well-rested
- Stabilizing moods
- Cognitive thought
- Learning
- Memory
- Your nervous system and brain

Testimonial from Lisa Kemp

I find this supports me to have a solid sleep and allows my nerves to switch off...worth it.

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Chamomile 200C, Arnica 200C, Gelsemium 200C, Caffenium 200CC, Lavender Flower Essence, Sarcode Melatonin Hormone and Sarcode Serotonin Hormone.