Iron Tonic plus Vitamin C


Iron Tonic plus Vitamin C

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Signs of iron deficiency include:

- Unusual Tiredness
- Paleness/anemia
- Shortness of Breath
- Headaches & Dizziness
- Heart Palpitations
- Dry & Damaged hair & skin
- Swelling & soreness of the tongue & mouth
- Restless Legs
- Brittle or spoon-shaped fingernails
- Strange cravings
- Feeling anxious
- Cold hands & feet
- Frequent infections
- Slow wound healing

Iron tablets are know to cause constipation, iron supplements can be filled with unidentified and not always suitable fillers. There are some good iron tonics available.

What I like about homeopathic iron is that it unlocks the iron you have stored in your body being under utilised. It will also balance your iron levels if they are low or high.

We've included homeopathic Vitamin C with this remedy to improve iron absorption.

Ingredients - ethanol base, Ferrum Phos 30C, Vitamin C energy remedy.

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