Kit 1 (formerly known as Beginners kit)


Kit 1 (formerly known as Beginners kit)

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The BEST FIRST AID KIT to have on hand

This great little kit has saved our clients time, money and stress, allowing them to deal with day to day issues quickly and easily.

It’s as simple as activating the remedy (a quick shake or tap on the hand) and then administering a few drops on bare skin.

This kit can give you support with many issues including:

- Accidents
- Abscess
- Arthritis
- Bruising
- Colic
- Conjunctivitis
- Convulsions
- Eye injuries
- Gastric disturbances – vomiting/diarrhoea
- Heat Stroke
- Infection
- Injuries
- Muscle/tendon injuries
- Nerve damage
- Pain
- Poisoning (on the way to an emergency room)
- Poisonous bites (on the way to an emergency room)
- Post-surgery recovery
- Puncture Wounds
- Rickets
- Shock
- Splinters and other foreign objects under the skin
- Tetanus

We travel with this kit in our cars so we always have the remedies available.

Great value starting at $100 for the 10ml kit. 6 remedies for the price of 4, all contained in a recycled cardboard storage box (10ml kit only).

Replacement remedies are available in 10ml, 25ml and 50ml sizes.

Remedies Include:

No. 1 Accident
 - Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Rhus Toxicodendron 30C, Ruta 30C, Arnica 30C.
No. 2 Infection
- Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Hypericum 30C.
No. 3 
 - Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Arsenicum Album 200C.
No. 4 Fever
 - Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Arsenicum Album 100C, Ferrum Phosphoricum 100C, Gelsemium 100C, Arnica 70C.

No. 5 Bites
 - Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Ledum 30C.

No. 6 Abscess
 - Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Silica 30C.

- 50ml dropper bottle Kit