Sports Recovery


Sports Recovery

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Whether you are a professorial sports person or a person that enjoys sports for fun. No one likes feeling sore. This remedy will help your body to recover quicker, allowing you to enjoy your sport for longer.

Help take the shock out of your body, repair any muscle and tendon damage and help the body to rehydrate after fluid loss with this remarkable homeopathic remedy.

Use after all Strenuous Activity:

- Team Sports
- Junior sports
- Tennis
- Swimming
- Cycling
- Gym workouts
- Running
Anything that puts your body under strain/stress

Heal with Ease Sports Recovery Remedy is:

- Suitable for all ages
- Completely chemical and drug free thereby allowing recovery without any drug testing issues.
- Suitable for sports animals – horses, dogs, etc.

Will also assist with:

- Growing pains
- First aid after injuries, falls, etc
- Recovery after surgery
- Arthritis
- Releasing old injuries
- Bruising
- Reducing the lactic acid build-up

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Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Arnica 30C, Rhus Tox 30C, Ruta 30C, Hypericum 30C, Silica 30C, Nosode Lactate.

- Dropper 50ml
- Sprayer 50ml