Stings Remedy


Stings Remedy

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Used on stings that are swollen, inflammation within joints, also of assistance with conjunctivitis.

Swelling is the keynote of this remedy. When swellings or urine retention occur, then this remedy is indicated. (Even more strongly indicated is urine retention on account of oedematous swelling, such as may occur after a bad calving.) The remedy induces a type of diuresis, helping to clear pulmonary oedema, ascites, cystic ovaries and mastitis whenever the symptoms suit and are accompanied by a lack of thirst and a desire for fresh air. Patients respond favourably to cold bathing of oedematous areas.

- Stings from insects – bees, wasps, ants, etc.
- Treats swelling of skin and mucous membranes, without heat
- Apathy, indifference, jealousy, fidgeting, hard to please
- Difficulty concentrating
- Vertigo
- Swollen, inflamed eyes, styes
- Hives
- Earaches
- Throat constricted, uvula swollen, tonsils swollen
- Burning and soreness on urinating
- Incontinence
- Involuntary bowel motion
- Abdominal and uterine pains
- Swelling of joints without pain

Remedy Ingredients: Ethanol Base, Arsenicum Album 200C, Hepar Sulph 100C, Sulphur 60C, Psorinum 350C, Sulphur Iodatum 90C, Mezereum 60C, Ledum tincture, Ledum 70C, Belladonna 340C.

Dropper 25ml
Dropper 10ml