Personal Protection Card


Personal Protection Card

Personal Energy Tower

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Purchase additional cards to discount the price per card.

1 - 4 cards @ $35 each
5 - 9 cards @ $30 each
10 or more @ $25 each

Postage is $10 per parcel, $15 for overseas (outside Australia) orders.

Carry your own protection bubble with you wherever you go.

These business card size protection cards create a 3 meter bubble around themselves. Carry it in your phone, wallet, handbag, etc. to help protect yourself from negative energies.  Pop a card in your child's school bag, pencil case, back of their iPad to protect them when they are away from you.

Negative energies include:

- Negative energy from others
- Negative Attachments
- Environmental Disturbances
- Geopathic Disturbances
- Electromagnetic Frequencies

This protection card is also designed to help lift the vibration of the person/animal in the bubble helping them to cope with daily stresses.

You can place this card in your powerbox, near your internet modem, computers, TVs, microwaves, anything that emits a frequency to reduce the EMF emissions.

Implications of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) on your body.  We also want to note that exposure to negative energy generally can cause similar symptoms.

People and animals can experience any of these side effects from EMF exposure. It’s important to note that these are only the known side effects, many more may become apparent as time goes on.

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Nausea
- Fatigue
- Loss of libido
- Infertility
- Cancer
- Organ dysfunction
- Digestion
- Sleep
- Behavioural changes
- Disturbance to biological tissue
- Disturbance to organ health/function
- Disturbance to Vitamin and Mineral balance
- Disruption to endocrine homeostasis affecting hormone balance

You may already have symptoms of EMF intolerance/poisoning.

- Headaches
- Body pain
- Lethargy
- Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
- Nausea
- Burning sensation in the body/skin
- Heart Arrhythmia
- Anxiety

What in and around your home can be emitting EMFs?

- Power lines/poles
- Electrical wiring
- Electrical appliances such as shavers, hairdryers, and electric blankets
- Mobile phones
- Smart meters & meter boxes
- Portable wireless devices – tablets & laptops
- Radio
- Television
- Microwave ovens
- Cordless telephones
- Wifi
- Smartwatches & Fitbit
- Bluetooth devices
- Device chargers
- Computers


B. Anderson
I am starting to feel really good, I feel as if I have more energy and since we have placed the EMF card in our room I feel like I am getting a much better night's sleep too.
Thank you

B. is doing a healing plan with us, along with using our Personal Energy Tower.

Eric Tighe

These cards were originally designed to lift energy and clear negative energies around you.

We have since found that they help with EMFs.

But the most amazing thing is that they are helping people to relieve pain and discomfort.

We had 2 people in the last couple of days that were in quite a lot of pain resting the cards on their sore spots and they noticed quite big changes.

Adie Collier
I am blessed to be in possession of a Heal With Ease Protection Card designed and energised by Eric. For many months now I have been experiencing weird sleep patterns and once awake it took up to 3 hours or more to get back to sleep. On receiving my card a week ago I held it between my palms and experienced a rush of beautiful energy throughout my body which lasted a good few minutes. Wow - it felt amazing.  That night and every night since I pop it under my pillow and from that time on I have had the best sleep ever. Even if I wake, I roll over and drift off without the mind taking over and the body itches.  Any areas of pain I experience I place the card there and it certainly eases. I have neck and knee issues (the joys of aging ) so this release is a Godsend. I carry this card with me constantly and am very keen to purchase more for all my technology and as gifts. Thank you Eric and Cathy for sharing your amazing gifts with us. I have so much gratitude for the day you were recommended to me way back when.  
From Adie Collier, New Zealand.