Protection Card Bundles


Protection Card Bundles

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We have created a range of Personal Energy Cards to help you with different areas of your life and now you can help your family and friends.


Each Energy Card supports your vibration to stay high even in the face of negativity.  


These Bundles come in three different sizes:

  • 2 Personal Protection Cards + 2 Food & Water Purifier/Energy Towers
  • 4 Personal Protection Cards + 4 Food & Water Purifier/Energy Towers
  • 10 Personal Protection Cards + 6 Food & Water Purifier/Energy Towers


Personal Protection Card

Carry your own protection bubble with you wherever you go.


This business card size Personal Protection Cards create a 3-meter bubble around yourself and is tuned to the vibration of Peace.


Carry it in your phone, wallet, handbag, etc. to protect yourself from negative energies. Pop a card in your child’s school bag, pencil case, in the back of their iPad to protect them when they are away from you.

Personal Protection Cards will help you to naturally lift your consciousness, as it keeps you supported in the vibration of Peace.


Food & Water Purifier/Energy Towers

Cleanse, Purify and Energise your Food and Water.

This Energy Card can be put under your plate or your water glass/jug, in the bottom of your fridge, under your fruit bowl, under your supplement bottles, even under your glass of wine to cleanse, to help purify and energize it and improve the taste (this is a neat party trick). 


You can also use it under your pet's food/water containers and even under your stock feed to help cleanse, purify and energize it.