Untold Secrets of Working Dogs - DVDs


Untold Secrets of Working Dogs - DVDs

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Untold Secrets of Raising Working Dogs

My aim with this DVD is to help dog owners to live a happy, harmonious life with their best friend, either in the city where they are required to do nothing other than being a good friend to a farm environment where they spend their days working stock.
Life with your dog should be easy, calm, and fun. Anything less than this, then you could use some help.
This DVD is made up of 10 Chapters
  1. Introducing Eric Tighe
  2. First Getting a Puppy
  3. 6-8 Weeks
  4. Chasing Cars
  5. Age Progression
  6. 7-10 Months
  7. 12-14 Months
  8. Reducing Stress
  9. Lead Work
  10. The Round Yard
Inside is also a free instructional booklet "Ages and Stages Booklet".
So whether you just want to hang out with your dog, go for pleasant walks without drama or enjoy the challenge of competing, this DVD will give you the grounding you need to live, understand and enjoy the time you have with your best friend.
I have been sharing my techniques with country and city people in Australia for a long time. Now I can share them with you in the comfort of your living room. I hope you enjoy our time together and take the time to contact me with any questions.

Untold Secrets of Starting Working Dogs​

This is the sequel to my first DVD "Untold Secrets of Raising Working Dogs"


I have been working stock and dogs for many years. I started out with Kelpies and now I work Border Collies, on properties and trialling. I have made it a mission to learn as much as I can from the best. Over the years of attending several schools and talking to lots of successful stock people. I have now put a good DVD together to help you.


This DVD is made up of 4 Chapters

  1. Welcome - Introduction by Eric Tighe
  2. The Theory - Explaining The Basics
  3. The Rake Talk - How Do I Use The Rake as a Training Tool
  4. The Practice - Putting it all Together


“Save Yourself Countless Hours of Frustration”


This DVD has been made for all people who work stock with dogs, whether it's an interest or a profession. The information it contains is in an easy-to-understand format, for great results.